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Smoky Grounding Master Quartz with Internal Rainbows


Dimensions: 95 x 45 x 28 mm


weight: 202 gr.





It is a crystal with the main face of 8 sides and is quite rare.It helps to deal with practical things realistically, to think and express oneself clearly when dealing with matters of everyday life. It is an energetic reservoir of resources. It helps to overcome obstacles in one's path; it is also called a rooting crystal.


Rainbow Crystal


A rainbow crystal is a crystal that contains rainbows within it, produced by small fractures that occurred within the crystal itself. Rainbows can be found in many kinds of minerals.

This crystal symbolizes the connection of heaven and earth, the God-man union, and the hope and renewal of life. It expresses a higher power than ordinary rock crystal, infusing this rainbow into the astral body and increasing its vibration of Light. It performs the function of bringing us into relationship with the higher aspects of Light, helping us recognize our inner strength and aligning us with the purposes of the Divine Plan. The strength expressed by this variety of quartz is both powerful and gentle, and from its sparkling rainbow descends a balancing energy on the various facets of our personality. It instills joy, confidence, and love and can be helpful to those suffering from depression and melancholy.

Applied to the heart chakra, it helps to fill it with joy. It is used, during meditation, to bring into the realm of pure white light, to pray or send healing to other people. It brings depth and clarity to dreams by protecting against nightmares, and to be able to love life in the present moment. It helps the immune system and endocrine glands to metabolize new energies.

According to some, the presence of the rainbow inside a crystal indicates that it contains an elemental spirit with whom we can interact through meditation and from whom we can ask for help and advice. The spirit that inhabits it may turn out to be a true spirit guide.

Smoky Grounding Master Quartz with Internal Rainbows


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