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Master Faden / Tabular Quartz


Dimensions: 63 x 30 x 4 mm


weight: 21.6 gr.




Faden crystals are very high vibration crystals, and the energy they have is rarely grasped. They exhibit an energy frequency different from any other quartz configuration. The fact that they are not found in all mines makes them rare and sought-after items. Tabulars are very strong and powerful crystals.

Faden or "soul quartz" crystals are mainly tabular parallel associations or flattened crystalline individuals crossed in various directions by a whitish band. This milky band is sometimes very obvious, other times it is very broadened, fractured and discontinuous and not immediately detectable.

Crystals with this characteristic are also referred to in various ways: crystals with root or crystals "avec l'aime" by the French or by the term "faden" (ribbon) by the Germans. The line represents the initial point of growth and as such promotes the beginning of new inner growth. The faden crystal fosters the connection between the spiritual and material planes, trail Self and physical body.

They act as a link or connection from any two points: their power lies in their ability to "transmit" from one side to the other while maintaining perfect balance. The nature of their communication is unifying; they harmonize energies by uniting the poles through a common base. They are perfect tools in case you want to harmonize energies between two people, two chakras or any two elements. Faden heal differences of a communicative nature or due to living together.

In advanced meditations, they can be used to establish conscious soul-level communication with incorporeal entities, extraterrestrial beings or past personal incarnations. Tabular crystals do not break old patterns, rather they act as gateways between the higher and lower self and the outer and inner self. This crystal is credited with the cytogenetic "memory" of one's self-healing process, and consequently with the quality of amplifying and transmitting it. It is master of healing because it has direct experience of it; it can be a bridge between one's adult self and one's spirit child.

His message is that one can heal from the most devastating physical and existential problems and that one can "weld" separations. It is suitable for seeking important information for one's own growth; it helps to maintain the vision of our goal and to accept and integrate our infinite potential. It acts on all chakras and is used to understand the lessons learned in this incarnation. It promotes emotional, physical and mental stability.

Some use it to cleanse and fortify the aura. It is great companion for our evolutionary journey.

Master Faden / Tabular Quartz


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