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Dimensions: 74 x 20 x 18 mm.

Weight: 43 gr.

✵ Starbraries


Starbrary crystals are said to contain sacred knowledge passed down from star systems outside our solar system. These crystals bring us crucial information for healing our planet and spiritual upliftment.

Each Starbrary has a unique code of engravings and lines that resemble a bar code or cryptographic data. In recent years we have experienced a global raising of consciousness and awareness, and these crystals are pushing us further to help us see our path and truths clearly. Starbrary crystals work closely with the energies of the 4 chakra (heart) connecting us to universal love and other strarbrary guardians.

If you feel drawn to this type of crystal, don't hesitate and listen to it. When one of them enters your life it indicates that you are ready to assist our planet and yourself in healing and major transformations.

They are not only receiver and transmitter crystals but allow a continuous connection to the star systems that encoded them.


Memory Repository- Record Keeper


These are formations of perfect triangles present on one or more faces of the crystal.They are not easy to see but one must carefully observe the crystal against the light.The memory storehouse may contain ancient knowledge and the deepest secrets of the universe. These stones were programmed for the purpose of facilitating human evolution on earth by the Lemurines and Atlanteans,the first pure races that inhabited this planet.They chose particular crystals and programmed them by inserting whole galaxies of information into them.These crystals would then emerge at the right time to be used by the right people. Memory repositories (record keepers) have an internal security system, only the pure of heart can tune into them and access the wisdom they contain.



It is a crystal with the main face of 8 sides and is quite rare.It helps to deal with practical things realistically, to think and express oneself clearly when dealing with matters of everyday life. It is an energetic reservoir of resources. It helps to overcome obstacles in one's path; it is also called a rooting crystal.

Quartz Master Grounding with record keeper and starbrary

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