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Size: approx 1.5 - 2.5cm


Green Tourmaline


Tourmaline is pyroelectric, just heat it slightly to charge it with electricity, with a positive and a negative pole. Charging it attracts dust, ash or small sheets of paper. In the past, smokers used to use tourmaline to attract ashes from long tobacco pipes.
The streaks present throughout the length of the tourmaline represent the occult power of straight lines diffused by the menhirs and symbolized by the mythical sword of King Arthur, connected to the search for the Holy Grail. From the great power of these waves of form the magic wands originated.


Green tourmaline increases physical energy, magnetism and personal power. However it is used, it will be regulated in such a way as to meet the specific needs of the individual.
It is a stone that develops self-confidence, perseverance, empowers the ability to plan for
achieve their goals; very effective in the process of transforming old patterns of behavior and in dissolving negative forms of thought. The help of tourmaline can be very useful when you want to make a right decision; in this case you can rub the tourmaline for a few seconds between your hands and then enclose it in your left hand
while focusing on the problem that causes concern.

It will bring the mental clarity necessary to understand the root causes of a
problem and solve it.

If you have to make a change or a project for the future and you want it to be positive, you can always bring a green tourmaline programmed for the purpose you want to achieve in the center of your chest.

When you are demoralized and want to stimulate positive thoughts, you can rub it in your hands.

Green tourmaline balances emotions, stimulates the joy of life, makes patient, open and
interested in others, it fosters love for nature and its creatures, recommended for people who want to understand their own spirituality better. This stone  can be used during a psychoanalytic therapy, to help those subjects who have a difficult relationship with the father figure and difficulties in carrying out a personal project for fear of not being up to the parent.
It is an excellent stone to revive love and attraction, particularly useful after a romantic breakup because it helps the subject to resume life as usual, avoiding the traumas and classic fears of this situation.
Placed on the heart chakra it relieves old emotional traumas, on the forehead chakra it favors the memory of traumatic events.

In treatments it can cause intense emotional releases.
Green tourmaline balances and strengthens man by harmonizing his masculine and feminine aspects. Brings the ray of the masculine aspect to all living beings. Gives man the courage, strength and confidence necessary to realize his full potential.
It promotes and balances the physical, emotional, mental levels, first fortifying the weaker aspects of the physical body and then the emotional and mental ones.

When the body, emotions and mind have reached a certain balance, the energy of the stone returns and focus on the physical body to start a new cycle, thus gradually leading to a greater strengthening of each level. Wearing it even for just one day, a man will feel physically stronger and if he continues to wear it he will feel stronger emotionally and then mentally.

Even the healthiest men can benefit from wearing green tourmaline, because  can achieve the greatest health, his attention will overcome his physical problems to include a greater understanding and awareness of himself and life; this will lead to self-control and mastery of the Spirit.

Women can use green tourmaline when a woman's male aspect is weakened or undeveloped, when the female aspect overwhelms the healthy expression of male energy whose symptoms can include: difficulty affirming oneself in the world, feeling of always being neglected, blocked or abused, inability to treat other people without
being hurt or manipulated, feeling of lack of female identity, conscious struggle over one's sexual orientation, difficulty letting go of limiting attitudes and beliefs about male-female relationships.


Tourmaline rods are channels through which powerful energies flow and are immune to low frequency negative energies, helping to recognize and avoid negative energies before they become harmful. This is a support stone in business, it brings well-being, attracts abundance and prosperity, in which case it can be put in the piggy bank or purse.


The green tourmaline with its green ray acts in particular on the 4 chakra ( heart) to bring: love, healing, rejuvenation.  It is able to regenerate and rejuvenate both physically and spiritually.
This stone is considered a total healing stone, of great energy and versatility, it acts both from the most refined spiritual essence to the coarsest material form;
"manager's stone": _ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ is recommended against overwork stress.


Male stone, its energy is connected to the planet Venus and the earth element.


Raw green tourmaline (verdelite)

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