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Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the main stone of the heart chakra (4 chakras) its energy is essential to achieve self-realization and inner peace.
The soft and reassuring pink color heals and soothes any wounds inflicted on the heart, an important member of the quartz family possesses all the dynamics and healing power to which it adds the serene and sweet vibration of pink.

This stone is suitable for those who do not feel the joy of living, for those who have never felt loved and do not really know love in its totality and sweetness, those who do not feel worthy of the love and affection of others.
It restores the image of us, it teaches us to love ourselves and to love in a pure and unconditional way, it heals the deepest wounds such as the sense of "not being worthy of ..".
The energy of this quartz gently penetrates into the depths of the heart chakra, where all emotional experiences are recorded and stored.
Rose quartz takes note of the traumas suffered and relieves, understands and begins to dissolve all the burdens that prevent our heart from giving and receiving love.
Like a wise old lady, she knows the answers and can heal with a simple glance.
When the rose quartz energy is activated, the soul breathes a sigh of relief as it intuitively understands that the healing has begun and as soon as the person feels the love, sadness, fear and resentment that have suffocated the flow of love are replaced with a sense of self-fulfillment.
These are the foundations on which to build a personal reality made of inner peace and joy.
When the heart is nourished and cared for by the essence of rose quartz it becomes fertile ground for the flowers of love:
as the delicate pink ray passes through the aura, flowers of joy unfold and the true meaning of love can be known.
Only after learning to love yourself will it be possible to truly love others, otherwise you will continue to place expectations and receive disappointments in the love you receive.
If the heart accepts that it is complete in itself, the love it knows how to share will be unconditional.
When the eternal source of the heart is made to gush, simply 'giving' will impart a sense of perfection to love and sharing will be the ultimate reward.
An individual who discovers how to love at this level becomes a radiant, therapeutic presence for those around him.

- True love is the highest and most achievable result with the heart chakra and that process is initiated with rose quartz. -

Tumbled Rose Quartz Small EXTRA Quality

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