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Dimensions: 73 x 38 x 20 mm

Weight: 58 gr.


Crystal system: trigonal
Lithogenetic process: primary
Mineral class: oxides, quartz group
Color: violet
Chemical formula, composition: SiO2 + (Al, Fe, Ca, Mg, Li, Na)

It reflects the purple ray, one of the colors of Ajna (6 chakras). It is the symbol of the change that the intellect undergoes passing from the waking state to altered states of consciousness. In these moments of energetic change, amethyst reflects the magical essence and the ability to transform one reality into another. Amethyst is one of the best stones for meditation, its color vibrates at the noblest frequencies of the third eye. It can be placed on the forehead while the person is lying on his back to facilitate entry into a meditative state. The delicate persuasion that works calms the flow of thoughts that crowd the mind to foster a state of tranquility by guiding awareness away from selfish thought patterns towards a deeper understanding.
The energy of amethyst helps the mind to become humble enough to be able to access higher levels of wisdom.
The amethyst is on earth to teach us a lesson in humility and to show the mind how to give up the pride of the self, only in that moment will we be able to cross the threshold of knowledge and knowledge.
Only when the mind understands that there are greater realities than it, that its conceptions are limited and the senses can perceive only a small part of the overall truth, does the path towards the meaning of life and existence begin.
Only by letting go of all that we believed can we come to know the authentic reality.
The amethyst tells us: "Forget it and trust",
"Give up everything and you will have more",
"surrender, only in this way will you see beyond the cycles and circumstances that consume your attention and bind you to the physical world"
"Empty to be completely filled"
"Be humble, so that the energies of the Universe can guide your path."
Amethyst initiates us to wisdom and greater understanding and is extremely helpful to those who have lost a loved one.
Its presence brings comfort, as if it communicates on a subliminal level that death does not exist but there are only transformations and changes of form.
He will offer advice in silence saying: "Celebrate the freedom that your loved one has found, rejoice because his soul has been freed from the constraints of the physical plane, help this process by letting go of the pain and sending thoughts of joy and love"

- We mourn death because we have not been educated to trust in the eternal existence of the soul -

The amethyst could be called the stone of the soul because its messages communicate with that level of the human being. It favors profound experiences and is the ideal stone to take with you in experiences with the beyond.
It has a calming effect that is useful in case of overwork stress or states of prostration but also when you experience tension or migraines it tends to dissolve the mental anxiety that causes the symptom.

Its purple color is mottled with blue and red shades, the blue calms the active energy of red, it is therefore useful for hot heads and those who get angry easily (red energy). It can be used as a recovery of balance after anger.

Amethyst is useful for those suffering from recurring nightmares, in this case it can be programmed before sleeping, holding it on the forehead, so that it guides us safely in the world of sleep.
It should then be placed under the pillow and will promote good dreams.

During meditation, single stones or clusters can be held in the left hand with the end pointing towards the arm: the energy will flow through the body, relaxing it and opening the mind to meditative experiences.
Amethyst and rose quartz resemble each other in many ways while purple soothes the mind and pink soothes the heart. Used together during meditation or worn as jewelry they help to achieve a good balance of mental and emotional energies.

Tip of Natural Amethyst

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