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Completely natural and unpolished hyaline quartz point pendant, extremely transparent.

25 x 5 mm approx.

Hyaline quartz is a stone suitable for all chakras, it enhances both personal and spiritual and esoteric and energetic work.
It purifies the auric field and personal energies by raising them.

Hyaline Quartz

Hyaline quartz is a universal conductor whose main action is to channel energy
high frequency on the earth plane. Reflects the pure White Light, it comes
used to illuminate daily thoughts, feelings and actions.
It is a very versatile stone, it purifies and protects, awakens the spirit, amplifies,
concentrates, stores, regenerates and transforms; of great help in growth
personal because it infuses beneficial positive energy.
Hyaline quartz orders thoughts, clears the mind, develops the ability to affirm
one's deep nature and beliefs,
stimulates self-knowledge and the recovery of unconscious memories, helps
solve problems in the simplest way and recover psychic faculties
It also favors the higher perceptions of the soul, awakens the conscience and the
paranormal potential, amplifies the energy of positive thinking, suitable for
anyone on the path of spiritual pursuit and knowledge.
Hyaline quartz works on the 7th chakra of the crown by increasing its vibration and connecting
with cosmic energy but also works very well with the 6 chakra seat of perception and clairvoyance.
It favors contact with the Higher Self, helps to find the
own way to fulfillment.
It is an ideal master crystal to introduce discovery and knowledge
of the fascinating world of crystals, favors meditation, amplifies the
effects of other crystals. Perfect for concentrating positive affirmations, the
prayers and send healing thoughts, dissolves negative energies and empowers positive ones, vibrates the aura of one
frequency such as to purify every weak and dark part.

In general, you can wear quartz when: you want to increase your own
energy, bring more balance and grace into one's life experiences,
promote the balance between the physical body, mind and emotions, balance i
processes of the physical body, balancing the creative and analytical aspects of the mind,
to restore balance after major life changes or experiences
traumatic, learn more easily from past experiences thus favoring
best choices in your future when you want to attract all 7 rays
in the whole being and to amplify and balance the effects of other crystals.

- can be placed on all chakras (5th, 6th and 7th in particular) to carry
balance, harmony and clarity or on any part of the body where there is need
to activate healing energy -

Hyaline quartz tip pendant


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