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Crystallized Aragonite



Dimensions: 47 x 39 x 32 mm


Weight: 75.7 gr.


Aragonite embodies the mystery of creation and is an expression of the Divine Intelligence that guides everyone on their own unique path; instills trust in the Divine by helping to live day to day with an open heart and mind.
Accelerates the learning process and helps with intense mental work, such as constant and annoying uncontrolled brooding; strengthens concentration weakened by the constant negative work of thoughts.
This stone promotes reliability, responsibility, discipline and decision-making skills by helping to govern challenges in managerial or personal affairs with a clear mind and hard pulse.
It is useful when overwhelmed with responsibilities (good choice for parents) or for those who go too far and need to accept that sometimes it is okay to delegate others.
Aragonite has a calming and stabilizing effect, it allows you to face reality and "gently return to the ground" after experiencing states of euphoria.
Encourage acceptance, flexibility, tolerance and patience; useful for people who resist change or struggle against life changes.


Aragonite is of great help to prepare for meditation and a therapeutic session because it relaxes the body and at the same time raises the energy vibration necessary to allow spiritual communication (it can be perceived as an increase of heat in the hands and feet).


2nd chakra stone facilitates giving and receiving, brings yin-yang balance.


It is the stone suitable for hypersensitive people, for those who are afraid of shadows, for those who do not want to see, since it stabilizes the mind.

His message is:   open up to the fullness of life.


The Brown and White Aragonite  from Peru is particularly suitable for le people who are experiencing rapid changes helping to stay balanced.

Crystallized Aragonite


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