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Ametrine is a variety of quartz that contains two very powerful stones: Amethyst and Citrine.

This stone combines two very important characteristics: stimulation of the mind and spirit.

This union helps us to overcome the trials of life successfully by promoting the spiritual path hand in hand.

Ametrine encapsulates yin/yang energies and balances them, stimulates the sixth and seventh chakras with its violet ray bringing healing and growth/development of our divine potential.

This stone helps stabilize the material and spiritual aspects of life by bringing spiritual values into daily life.

It regulates the release of negative thoughts feelings and patterns especially during times of high activity or stress.

It helps to work with and fully accept one's ego (seen not as an enemy to be conquered or subdued) bringing it back into balance; also useful for those with self-esteem issues.

Ametrine supports living one's purpose fully by providing assistance in fulfilling one's own destiny and that of others through synchronicity and support.

It is a particularly useful stone for people who are too active, too busy with work or life practices; it gives the right note to our body and mind, harmonizing perceptions and behavior; the "propulsion" of Ametrine makes one reach the meditative state more quickly; it is, in fact, indicated for those who have difficulty concentrating in meditation as it frees the mind from stress and tension.

Ametrine's potentials connect us with The Higher Self and Light Forces, with Love, Peace and Understanding; it brings faith to the heart.

Ametrine's energetic synthesis enhances the dispersion of negativity from the aura, filling it with Light, penetrates emotional blockages and dissolves them, bringing inner clarity, an excellent ally for making decisions.

This stone balances dynamism with patience, material activity with spiritual pursuit, sociability with retreat and meditation.

It gives harmony and serenity, eliminates worries, is used to dispel doubts and anxiety, and protects against negative external energies.

Being a compound stone its work is very efficient and quick, much appreciated during meditations and healing work.

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