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Tumbled Ametrine Quartz


Origin: Anahi Mine, Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Size 3 - 4.5cm approx.


A piece of good quality Ametrine Quartz.


The ametrine  is a diamond and citrine combination, two stones that have opposite and complementary characteristics (mind / spirit). Stone brings luck that favors success on all levels.

This stone balances the masculine / feminine energies, acts on the crown chakra and the
heart, opens the third eye, inhaling healing and divination.
Stabilizes the balance between the spiritual and material aspects, helping to bring spiritual values into daily life and to release negative thoughts and feelings that can resurface on busy days.
Ametrine instills optimism, well-being, creativity and strength in facing trials
of life, facilitates intellectual work, fast processing of thoughts, improves
concentration and communication.

It helps to work and fully accept one's ego (seen not as an enemy to be conquered or subdued) bringing it back to the right balance.

It is a stone that supports in living its purpose, fully assists in the realization of
their own destiny and that of others providing synchronicity and support.

Useful for those who have self-esteem problems or have difficulty concentrating in meditation, freeing the mind from stress and tension.

It puts us in communication with the luminous forces, the higher self and spiritual guides, brings faith in God, favors contact with other galaxies and protects by bringing light in the aura, illuminating the path to reach the goal .

In hyperactive people it can cause some confusion and excitement.
It can be worn  as a ring in the right ring finger or hanging over the heart or in the form of a rosary in direct contact with the body and for long periods of time, it can also be kept under the pillow to ward off nightmares.
Its action is intensified during the lunar phases from the new moon to the full moon.


Ametrine Quartz - One piece.

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