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Size: 10mm bead.

Anhydride or better known as Angelite, the stone of the Angels, a stone of extraordinary power and sweetness.

It is a beautiful stone, its color connects it to the 5th chakra but it also works very well in connection with the 6th and 7th chakras, infusing light and tranquility.
It favors the appreciation of harmony and peace among all living beings
(brotherhood), improves verbal expression by softening it even in the workplace.
its gentle energy stabilizes the emotional body, quickly calming and
bringing serenity and internal and external harmony
It dispels fears and irritations, promotes the ability to forgive, improves the
relationships with others.
Angelite gives the ability to visualize ways to overcome challenges by making more
easy the necessary changes, instills confidence in one's intuition, elevates the conscience and stimulates the
psychic awareness.
Particularly useful in telepathic communication because it allows two
physically distant people to communicate mentally (better if the stones
are programmed for this purpose)
Excellent for communicating with the angelic realms, spirit guides, animal spirits and devas.
This stone is used in astral travel and in this case it is flanked by the hematite that it is
especially good for keeping control with reality while you are
let your spiritual consciousness travel
Extremely effective stone for healers because it stimulates the perception of the ailment from
treat and at the same time maintain contact with the here and now
Angelite aligns the etheric field with the physical one, regenerates and rejuvenates the zones
sick or exhausted, it counteracts infections and inflammation of the throat, has a calming action, useful in anxiety and for hyperactive children and creates a protective energy field around the area where it is placed.

NB The angelite is afraid of water, do not immerse it in water.

Angelite pendant


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