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Exceptional transparency.


Dimensions: 57 x 17 x 10 mm


Weight: 18.3 gr.



Guide- Mother/child


Guide crystals (sometimes also called dolphin crystal or parent/child crystal) are recognized by a large crystal with one or more smaller, shorter, perfectly formed crystals attached to one of its sides.

Guide crystals can help you regain balance with your emotions and inherent intuitive nature as their energy helps reduce anxiety, fear, anger and stress. They are excellent as a source of comfort during challenging emotional experiences and internal stresses of all kinds as they can remind you that you are always accompanied by your guides and loved, nurtured and appreciated from beyond the veil. These are excellent crystals for healing working with parent/child or single parent challenges of any kind. .It can be a great help in the healing process of the inner child by recreating a connection with innocence and joyfulness. It can also help in healing relationships with parents or children. This crystal in the physical world attracts a mentor or spiritual guide and assists in receiving information from the Akashic Record. It can also be a very valuable aid for those embarking on the path of teaching and more generally for the dissemination of knowledge, bringing in the spiritual aspect. The Mother-Child crystal is a very powerful ally when it comes to nurture in all its forms. It aids conception whether it is for children or new projects or other aspects of creativity.

Used in meditation they can open a door and their configuration can help you recognize the universal guidance and help or information you need most for direction to the most beneficial path for your evolution at this time in your life.




These beautiful rainbow stones produce the full spectrum of colors when the white light of healing and perfection is taken into the crystal and reflected as the individual rays of the rainbow. Rainbows within the crystal create additional energy as they remind us of the incredible transformation of light on the stresses of our development. Rainbows promote hope, happiness, optimism, peace and creativity. They are ideal master quartz for dealing with depression. These beautiful Stones are a powerful reminder as we face the emotional storms in our lives: the slightest glimmer of light can transform negativity and insecurity while rainbows remind you that love is in the life you experience in every moment.

These quartz remind us that only light can cause a rainbow and light can penetrate total darkness. Used during meditation, the rainbow crystal forms a rainbow bridge of light energy between this world and the spirit realm, creating an open path to greater awareness. These crystals are an excellent choice for goal setting and new beginnings since the Rainbow symbolizes divine promise.


Fairy Frost & Mirror Fracture


Initially the term Fairy Frost might make you think of something on the outer surface of a crystal (frost , ice), but it is not. Fairy Frost (fairy ice, fairy trail, fairy frost) occurs only on the inside of the crystal. Crystals with Fairy Frost have fractures and air inclusions within them. The trapped air is thin, white and fairy-looking. Some are more fairy-like than others. Many crystals have Fairy Frost. A crystal without any Fairy Frost is called optical or transparent (without fractures or inclusions).

Very often, along with the Fairy Frost, there are fractures called Mirror Fractures. These are shiny, silvery fractures and look like mirrors inside the crystal and often also have rainbows.

You may happen to see shapes and images in the crystals that others do not see. This does not mean that the shape is only in your imagination ( or that it is not real). These crystals will simply show something to the person in the form of images and it is a special message to the person who sees it.

Fairy Frost can appear and disappear. I have noticed some crystals that were very dense with Frost when I first received them and then they cleared up.

You may find that your crystals may become lighter or more Frost inside. Now that you know it is possible, start observing them to notice the change.

Depending on the crystal if the Fairy Frost or Mirror Fractures represent something to us (mountains, fairies, goblins, etc.),we can work with that particular energy. The subtle Frost within the crystal is also something that attracts us, makes us look for shapes and messages, scenes and landscapes. It is like a world within a world. A natural snow globe. In this way, the crystals with Fairy Frost will connect us with nature,appearing to us like the fog we see outside, and with fairies, because sometimes the wake takes their shapes.

The Fairy Frost quartz crystal is also sometimes called Devico. (The Devico Temple Master Quartz has a combination of mirror fractures, rainbows and Fairy Frost).

Fairy Frost quartz crystal is able to connect us with Nature Spirits and Fairies (Deva).

They encourage us to connect with nature and care for Mother Earth.

Biterminated Master Quartz Guide, Rainbow and Fairy Frost. Optical.


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