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This very particular and extremely rare Druse has inclusions of Cacoxenite, the stone of ascension and of Calcite.


Dimensions: 85 x 65 x 30



Known as  Stone of Ascension , Cacoxenite also known as Cacoxitite or Cacoxene is believed to increase man's spiritual awareness and provide a loving and ethereal connection between the entire universe.

Encourage conscious awareness of the meaning of random events to guide us on the right path and to perceive the essence of the Creator in the beauty of nature and the kindness of people.

The Cacoxenite inside the Amethyst is particularly regenerative, not only for the reprogramming and continuous renewal of the cells of the body, but also to revitalize the mind.

The inclusion of Cacoxenite initiates a higher level of creativity, freeing the Third Eye and the Crown Chakra from conventional thinking and limitations, and bringing never-before-seen ideas and innovations to humanity.

Druse in Amethyst with inclusions of Cacoxenite and Calcite


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